Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Many homeowners in Houston Texas are faced with the decision of whether to use brick pavers or stamped concrete. What are the benefits of stamped concrete when compared to brick pavers?

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete is less expensive than Brick Pavers

Stamped concrete is less expensive because it more economical for contractors to pour concrete than placing brick pavers one at a time by hand.

Stamped Concrete is Easy to Maintain

The only maintenance needed for stamped concrete is a fresh coat of sealer every few years or so.

On the other hand, brick pavers can become loose, creating tripping hazards. Since stamped concrete is one single slab of cement there’s no danger for people tripping like there is with brick pavers. Also, you won’t find any weeds growing through stamped concrete.

The Possibilities are Endless

With stamped concrete there is an unlimited amount of patterns and colors to choose from. You can even use concrete stains or dyes. You will definitely be impressed with what stamped concrete has to offer in terms of availability of patterns and colors, longevity and performance, speed of installation, customization, and more.

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